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”Our Productive Commercial Company „Turkey Slaughter and Processing” is a family Company which is located in Slupia Kapitulna, a picturesque places in Wielkopolska, near Rawicz.

In 1982 we founded the turkey farm and then expanded our activity by starting a butchery „Buying-in and Slaughter of Turkey”.In 1998 we started turkey processing and producing sausages and meat products.
At present we slaughter, partition and produce turkey meat products.

The building complex of our Company is designed and built due to the European Union standarts and is equipped with the most modern machines.

We are located in one of the most ecologically clean regeons of Poland. There is an eco-friendly boiler house, modernized biological wasetwarter treatment and also a modern warter treatment plant.

Company products’ range includes over 100 items: chilled turkey meat and
joints; cold meats, thin and thick sausages, Luncheon meats , cold cured meat, dry sausages.

All our products are the result of modern producing technology connected with traditional recipes based on high quality meat of our breeding from our own turkey farm.

Our modern equipment allows us to keep high quality standarts, and our GHP and GMP as well as HACCP system guaranteed preserving hygieny on all stages of the process.
As a confirmation of the high quality of our products, they are certificated for sale not only in the European Union, but also in Ukrain.

Knowledge, experience and passion – these qualities are what drive our people and the business.
Every stage of the process is managed by skilled individuals, working on the new recipes to extend the offer.

To fit our customers we use only modern forms of packaging.Using the up-to date packing process we can produce our products in a wide range of packages, which can be tailored to every need:Tray Polystyrene tray 250g pack MAP Vacuum Flow pack

Using such forms of packaging allows to extend the shelf life.

We support a wide range of customers: wholesalers, markets and next door shops. Our dealers reach our customers all over the country. They work hard to suit the trade offer to the changing market and customers’ demands.
There is a shop where one can find the whole range of our products.

Every day our special purpose cars deliver our products to the customers all over the country.
Transport baze is the flagship of our company.There are 70 refrigerator Mercedes Benz cars.”


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